Tuesday, 13 June 2017

5 reasons Why you do not lose weight

You pay attention to your diet, regularly go to the gym and do 100 reps per day. Still, you do not see the result. Many small things can be the reason for this and many of you might not realize them. In this article, you will find six surprising reasons that can negatively impact your weight loss program.

1. You drink too much
And I do not mean water. It is Fruit juice, soft drink, smoothie, beer, all these drinks contain a lot of calories and should not be there to satisfy thirst. The caloric quantity of alcohol is often underestimated. 1 g of alcohol contains almost as many calories as 1 g of fat (9 kcal per 1 g). A supply of healthy fat is essential for our body. In contrast, however, alcohol doesn’t supply that.

2. You eat too much after the workout
You've burned a lot of fat and get sweaty for 25-minute bodyweight workout, Excellent! Now stop right there and do not take all the calories back to you immediately. Often after the workout, we eat more than we really need. Avoid eating after the workout and stick to the diet plan.

3. Eat in front of the TV
Sit for dinner with your family at the kitchen table instead of eating alone in front of the TV. When you get distracted from the food, you will eat more. The reason is the feeling of satisfaction is not noticed and you eat much more calories than usual as the result. Eat consciously, without distraction.

4. You don’t get enough sleep
Did you know that lack of sleep increases your weight? If you sleep less than seven hours at night, it may increase the hunger hormone ghrelin. The result: The desire for pizza, burgers and etc. Therefore always sleep adequately.

5. You are stressed
Stress affects hormones and weight. If you have regular bad days at work, this can lead to the hot shower and the craving for sugar and simple carbohydrates is increasing. And so does the calorie intake. So what we should do? Find some ways to reduce stress: walking, yoga, a bubble bath or a cozy evening with friends can help bring peace to everyday life.

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