Wednesday, 16 August 2017

8 best weight loss tips

Not only women, men are also searching for the best ideas for losing weight because who don’t want a slim, healthy, and attractive body right? The best tips on losing weight don't always mean they should be hard and painful, there are many tips, easy tips that you can do without feeling miserable to see a significant weight reduction. In this article, you will find tips to do a small change of your lifestyle, no big deal, but have a big impact on our body and lose body fat fast.

Doing these tips each day can result in a noticeable result. Below are some simple best tips on losing weight. Start doing one of them NOW! And see the weight begin to drop gradually.

1.     Have a goal. The first one is to set a clear goal that can be measured easily, such as losing 2 pounds or running 10km a day, so you can keep track of any progress you make in the future.
2.     Drink tea. Tea has tons of benefit. Research says that tea, whether it is white, black or the famous one green, contained antioxidant that has a big role in fat processing mechanism, which increases the burning process. Tea also has caffeine and it gives you more energy to do activity and workout but unlike coffee, it does not make you addicted. So make sure to include tea in your diet plan.

3.     Vegetables and fruits. Both of them will fill you up, without adding too many calories (well if you use high-calorie dressings, then the calories will high). Gaining weight from eating a lot of fruits is impossible, and that includes the well known "high sugar and high fat" fruits such as bananas, avocado, and melons. Eat them in the morning as a breakfast, because they fill your stomach, salad, and fruit salad are the best meal you can eat for breakfast.
4.     Lift, lift and lift. Lift weights regularly, you will not only burn calories but also build bigger muscles. You will burn even more calorie if it combined with cardio exercises and you will lose body fat fast.
5.     Reduce rest time between each repetition. Reduce the rest time between each repetition gradually. Your heart rate will remain high and as a result, you will burn more calories.
6.     Eat protein. Replace carbohydrates with lean protein but maintain the appropriate ratio, which means you still want to eat carbohydrate but not too many. Lean protein will not only make you feel full but also boost the metabolism process. A good metabolism will burn more calories into energy. Protein also repairs the cells that ‘breaks’ when you are working out. So, always include protein in your diet plan, as a snack or meal.
7.     Full body exercises. Do squats, dips, deadlifts, pull-ups, plank, and pushups. Train your whole body, build every muscle you have.
8.     Drink water. Your body needs water, not soda, beer or cola. Drinking water will increase your metabolism (burning more fats) and keep you feel full.

So that are some ideas for losing weight that you can try to apply. If you are consistent enough you will soon the great result and lose body fat fast.  

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