Friday, 17 November 2017

Protect our skin from sun exposure

The beautiful season is finally here after the winter months and it's time to plan our holidays or at least some weekend vacation. In fact, the desire to spend more time in the open air, participating in those fun sports or simply enjoying the day with a good book. Sun exposure, however, also has some risks. Therefore it is important to protect your skin from too much sunlight and also prevent it from the aging process that is accelerated. 

So how can we do to protect our skin? Protecting our skin and dealing with facial care, especially in the summer, is a habit that we should do to keep our body healthy. A greater awareness of the risks and good habits is, in fact, the only thing we can do to avoid sun damage and enjoy a healthy sunburn.

Choose the right times 
Not just for children or the elderly, but we all should pay attention to when we expose ourselves to the sun. The advice is to the high noon, but to be even safer we can rely on some weather sites that work together with weather forecasts, to know which the exact times when we can safely go out depending on our time zone. 

Use the right sunblock 
Sun exposure is not a bad thing, but we need protection. To do that, it is crucial to choose and use a medium or high sun protection cream, especially for those who spend a lot of time in the sun or have a ‘weak' characteristic. 
Sunblock should be applied several times a day, every two hours if we sweat a lot or spend a lot of time in water like the sea or pool. However, we should not wear it excessively, because it will lead to another big problem. Apply sunblock adequately. 

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